Welcome to the EdITLib blog

EdITLib, the digital library for Education and Information Technology, is an online resource of over 20,000 articles and conference papers focusing on the use of information technology, multimedia, and emerging technologies for learning and education.

In the next few months, we plan to allow submissions directly to the library, from educators, students, and members of the e-learning community: articles, papers, dissertations, even entire manuscripts and video submissions.

Other improvements on the horizon include online forums and tools for connecting with other e-learning practitioners, tools for organizing research, and increased integration with existing open standards for online library systems.

I’m very excited to be a part of this and hope you will stay tuned to this blog to find out about the latest changes to EdITLib.

Jordan Reiter
Chief Website Architect

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the EdITLib blog”

  1. As a writer of both adult and children’s books I find your site very exciting and hope you will keep me posted on the latest developments.
    I shall also be interested in contributing chiefly children’s books and games in the near future.
    Heres wishing the best of luck.

  2. this is a good site with excellent information, but you should try to make your information easily accessible to a maximum users who are not 100% internet literate.

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