EdITLib Celebrates the “International Year of Statistics”

2013 has been proclaimed as the “International Year of Statistics” by over 1,900 organizations that support the teaching and learning of statistics around the globe, such as Statistics2013.org. To honor the celebration of statistics this year, EdITLib encourages readers to explore statistics related articles available in the Digital Library. Please take a moment to view some articles published by AACE and the new EdITLib content partners on statistics – a fascinating and important field of study, such as: Evaluating computer-based simulations, multimedia and animations that help integrate blended learning with lectures in first year statistics Effective Practices for Online Delivery of Quantitative Business CoursesĀ  Can Learn Statistics! Converging Assessment and Practice in an Individualized Classroom        

EdITLib is Now Partnered with Over 20 International Publishers

Since the beginning of 2013, the EdITLib team has been busy expanding and enhancing the EdITLib Digital Library to be a richer and more helpful educational resource. We are pleased to announce that in only a few short months, we have partnered with more than 20 international publishers and content providers that have been carefully selected based on the coverage and scholarship of their research publications. All partner content is searchable and integrated into the platform results.

Please see a list of all international content partners at www.editlib.org/partners to learn more about these exciting additions to EdITLib!