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Prevailing Lexical-stylistic Features in Emirati Language Learners’ Digital Discourse | Caractéristiques lexicales stylistiques dominantes dans le discours numérique des apprenants en langue émirienne

Tsoghik Grigoryan
Predicting the future path of the digital classroom discourse is twofold. Today’s language classroom is undergoing an irreversible revolution and one of the most powerful drivers of this transformation is … More

Student perceptions and lessons learned from flipping a masters level public health course | Perceptions des étudiants et leçons tirées d’une classe inversée pour un cours de maîtrise en santé environnementale et professionnelle

Lindsay Galway, Barbara Berry & Timothy Takaro
The flipped classroom instructional model has emerged as an alternative to conventional lecture-based teaching that has dominated higher education for decades. In 2013, a cohort of graduate-level public health students … More

Learning Designs using Flipped Classroom Instruction | Conception d’apprentissage à l’aide de l’instruction en classe inversée

Amber Mazur, Barbara Brown & Michele Jacobsen
The flipped classroom is an instructional model that leverages technology-enhanced instruction outside of class time in order to maximize student engagement and learning during class time. As part of an … More

Implementing Game Design in School: A Working Example | Mise en œuvre de la conception de jeu à l’école : un exemple pratique

Dani Herro
This case uses a worked or “working example” model (Gee, 2010), documenting the implementation of a novel game design curriculum in the United States. Created by an Instructional Technology Administrator … More

Does Simulator Sickness Impair Learning Decision Making While Driving a Police Vehicle? | Le mal du simulateur: un frein à l’apprentissage de la prise de décision en conduite d’un véhicule de police?

Eve Paquette & Danielle-Claude Blanger
The use of driving simulators is an innovation for police training in Quebec. There are some issues related to their impact on training objectives. This article presents the results of … More