Scoring Rubrics: A solution for enhancing teaching effectiveness in an online environment?

Scoring Rubrics are gaining in popularity as a means of evaluating students, as well as a method to enhance the effectiveness of teaching results. With many evaluation models available and with the challenges that e-learning can often pose to teaching results, Scoring Rubrics may provide a solution for gaps in both learning and teaching. Helpful information is available at: Also, please view some articles available in EdITLib on this topic, including:

EdITLib Celebrates the “International Year of Statistics”

2013 has been proclaimed as the “International Year of Statistics” by over 1,900 organizations that support the teaching and learning of statistics around the globe, such as To honor the celebration of statistics this year, EdITLib encourages readers to explore statistics related articles available in the Digital Library. Please take a moment to view some articles published by AACE and the new EdITLib content partners on statistics – a fascinating and important field of study, such as: Evaluating computer-based simulations, multimedia and animations that help integrate blended learning with lectures in first year statistics Effective Practices for Online Delivery of Quantitative Business Courses  Can Learn Statistics! Converging Assessment and Practice in an Individualized Classroom        

EdITLib is Now Partnered with Over 20 International Publishers

Since the beginning of 2013, the EdITLib team has been busy expanding and enhancing the EdITLib Digital Library to be a richer and more helpful educational resource. We are pleased to announce that in only a few short months, we have partnered with more than 20 international publishers and content providers that have been carefully selected based on the coverage and scholarship of their research publications. All partner content is searchable and integrated into the platform results.

Please see a list of all international content partners at to learn more about these exciting additions to EdITLib!

EdITLib and AACE to Exhibit at the 2013 AERA Annual Meeting

From April 28th to April 30th, 2013, EdITLib and AACE will be exhibiting at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting in San Francisco, California (USA). If you are planning to attend, please stop by our booth (specific booth number to be announced) to visit and meet the EdITLib/AACE team!

Please contact for more information or to set up a time to meet and greet. We hope to see you at AERA!

Feedback Welcome – Share your thoughts with the EdITLib Team!

EdITLib has recently added a feedback form for user convenience. Users may now use this form to comment, request assistance, and offer suggestions for the EdITLib team.

We welcome your suggestions for improvements to the platform. If you have any recommendations for new tools or applications that EdITLib may be missing or that would benefit you, please share them with us. We endeavor to keep EdITLib up-to-date with the latest resources and capabilities.

Please take a look at the new Feedback feature on the upper navigation ribbon on EdITLib or follow this link:

EdITLib Announces New Content Partners

The EdITLib Digital Library has recently announced new partnerships with several international publishers, including Wiley, the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite), and the University of Alberta. These partnerships will bring even more content to the digital library from the following journals and proceedings:

  • British Journal of Educational Technology (Wiley)
  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (Wiley)
  • Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (ascilite)
  • ascilite Conference Proceedings
  • Canadian Journal of Learning Technology (University of Alberta)

The EdITLib team is working on more partnerships and will be indexing much more content throughout the year.

If you represent a peer-reviewed publication and are interested in partnering with EdITLib, please contact

Browse all journals and proceedings in the EdITLib digital library at:   

Autosuggest Toolbar Added to Enhance EdITLib Search

To assist EdITLib users, the search toolbar located at the upper right of the digital library now includes an autosuggest feature to assist the research process.

The autosuggest feature provides relevant suggestions to enhance searching and may help users discover a topics of interest.

Sign in to EdITLib and start searching!  

EdITLib’s Top 10 Viewed Abstracts & Articles January 2009

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January 2009


  1. Developing, Integrating and Delivering Successful Distributed Learning Environments For Your Students: Best Practices and Lessons Learned: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected!
  2. The Business of eLearning: Creating a Revenue Channel
  3. Issues in Distance Learning
  4. Technology, Transfer and Teaching: The Impact of a Single Technology Course on Preservice Teachers’ Computer Attitudes and Ability
  5. Generative Learning Strategies and Metacognitive Feedback to Facilitate comprehension of Complex Science Topics and Self-Regulation
  6. A Case Study on Using English Language Movies in Teaching English as Foreign Language Experiences
  7. Guidelines for E-Learning – Advantages and Disadvantages
  8. Application of Bruner’s Cognitive Development Theory to Language Teaching in an Asynchronous Environment
  9. The Effects of the Use of Interactive Whiteboards on Student Achievement
  10. Use of Simulation in Nursing Education – Exploring Perspectives and Practice


  1. Issues in Distance Learning
  2. Technology, Transfer and Teaching: The Impact of a Single Technology Course on Preservice Teachers’ Computer Attitudes and Ability
  3. Are Pretty Interfaces Worth the Time? The Effects of User Interface Types on Web-Based Instruction
  4. Conditions, Processes and Consequences of 1:1 Computing in K-12 Classrooms: The Impact on Teaching Practices and Student Achievement
  5. Generative Learning Strategies and Metacognitive Feedback to Facilitate comprehension of Complex Science Topics and Self-Regulation
  6. Correlating college students’ learning styles and how they use Web 2.0 applications for Learning
  7. Online Learning and Quality Assurance
  8. Teachers’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Blended Learning Approach for ICT Teacher Training
  9. Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Preservice Teachers Through Microteaching Lesson Study
  10. A Case Study of Design-Based Research for Creating a Vision Prototype of a Technology-Based Innovative Learning Environment

The EdITLib Digital Library is a valuable online resource of peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and proceedings papers on the latest research, developments, and applications related to all aspects of Educational Technology and E-Learning.

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