COinS in EdITLib & OpenURL 1.0

COinS has recently been implemented on a few pages in EdITLib — specifically, abstract pages for journal articles as well as table of contents listings.

Implementing COinS is part of EdITLib’s mission to continue to support and implement various library-related standards. If you know of a standard or technology that is not currently supported by the digital library and would like to see if we can add it, please contact us.

If you currently make use of COinS on other websites, please take a minute or two to test pages in EdITLib, to help us determine if it is set up correctly.

During the implementation of COinS, our OpenURL resolver was updated to respond to Z39.88-2004 syntax. The resolver, located at , should respond to queries in OpenURL 0.1 and OpenURL 1.0 (Z39.88-2004) format. Again, we welcome your input.

Please submit any comments or questions to